AutoCAD - Paper to CAD Conversion Services on Fiverr

AutoCAD is one of the most helpful tools to draw plans and drawings. Whether those drawings be of your own house or a mall or a city. It can all be drawn on autocad. If you have knowledge of the plans associated with a building, you would know that there are several type of building plans that have to be designed before a building is constructed. They are the following:
These plans are necessary for the complete development of a building. However there are certain cases where one or more of these plans are not needed.

For example, in houses there are no mechanical drawings needed, some power plants have no plumbing designs because there are no water pipes there, all parts of electrical plan are not desired in a building depending on the clients demand like CCTV cameras or smoke detectors.

I will talk about these plans in my blog in the future. But this post is about a different topic, it is about converting handmade drawings to AutoCAD 2D drawings.

People who are usually field related tend to use AutoCAD for dimensionally accurate drawings. In the field work, one needs drawings that are accurate and detail all the dimensions that are necessary for the development of the project.

Let me take an example of an architectural plan, when engineers on the field reads the architectural drawings of the architect, he would require all the dimensions necessary for the execution of the project. If these are not present, the drawing and the standing structure may vary.

AutoCAD - Paper to CAD Conversion Services on Fiverr

In the olden days, engineers used to draw these plans by hand but after advancement in technology, these plans are made on AutoCAD and other CAD and CAM softwares. Basically the Computer Aided Design (CAD) softwares are readily available in the market. But learning to use them takes time.

So I procured a solution for those who wish to make professional AutoCAD drawings according to scale and precision. Just contact me on my fiverr gig. I will make your hand made drawings look as much as possible as consultant drawings.

I specialize in Electrical Drawings and all sort of MEP solutions like:

  • Electrical Plans ( Light, Power, CCTV systems, Fire Alarm, Public Address)
  • Architectural Plans
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Ducting
  • Piping
  • General Drawings
So if you have any work related to autocad, contact me on the following platforms:
I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Design Single Line Diagram and Electrical Drawings of your Project - Fiverr gig

In this fiverr gig my primary task will be to design SLD (Single Line Diagram) which includes sizing of circuit breakers, cables, fuses and all devices that are necessary for proper working of electrical system. As can be seen in sample SLD.

Design Switchgear and Electrical Drawings of your House or Project

Design Single Line Diagram and Electrical Drawings of your Project - Fiverr gig

Of course this is just a Distribution Board (DB), other panel boards like Metering Panel Boards and Main Panel Boards and Emergency Panel Boards are also designed depending on supply of load sheet and/or electrical drawings. On the request of the gig buyer, their position will also be told if complete layout of building is available.

Also if you have yet not made electrical drawings, I will make detailed electrical drawings of your house or project if you provide the complete architectural plan.
I work on 440/220V systems.

Here is the link to fiverr gig again:

Gig Video for Zeerk

Gig: I will draw SLD and Electrical Drawings of your Architectural Drawings